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New Endorsement !

I am proud to announce to join as a teacher in the drum school Worldmusic / AMM

Video cover added , more are coming.....

More videos from the new recording session coming soon.....

Studio report and Videos

I am proud to announce that I start the recording sessions with Construct of Lethe .....U.S. Death Metal Band .
These are the words of Tony Petrocelly :
2016 is shaping up to be a very busy year for us; I feel like we've been setting up dominoes forever, now we finally get to knock them down. We're really pleased with how Corpsegod was received, and we're looking to build upon that.

We're unorthodox in that we've never really been a formal band; Construct of Lethe has existed for years, but always in pieces. Dave Tschmid and I have worked very hard to create this material, and it's nice to finally see the work paying off. For as much frustration as we've been through, there's always a determination to push forward, and we've been lucky to get help from some truly amazing people along the way--Studio Drummer Kevin Talley who played drums on Corpsegod, will be also be providing drums on The Grand Machination EP (summer 2016 release), and we're really excited to announce that we'll be working with Andrea Janko on Architect of the Void LP (winter 2016 release). In addition to Andrea's unreal blasting, AotV will feature as a song or two with the inhuman vocals of Jared Bridgeman of the incredible Earth Rot...not to mention the virtuosity of Patrick Bonvin! 2016 is going to be a great year!

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